What is Smile Design?

Sometimes this is called a “Smile Makeover”. We will go through great lengths to recreate that smile you have dreamed of. When configuring your smile through a smile makeover, we will consider all of your facial features to determine the size, shape, length and color of your teeth. This will give a Smile Design that is unique and fits your personality.


Click to view an animation of gum contouring


Steps in the Smile Design Process

1. We will sit down and discuss your desires and expectations of the smiles changes you want to have done.

2. Important questions will be asked:

  • What are you dissatisfied with about your teeth?
  • Do you have missing teeth?
  • Do you have worn down teeth?
  • Do you have crooked teeth?
  • Are you happy with the shade of your teeth?
  • Is the shape of your of teeth normal in appearance? (long, short ,wide, narrow, small, large, chip or crooked). These details are important to determine what you want to have done. Buy understanding your goals, we can properly plan and outline a treatment sequence that you will understand.

3. Photographs and X-rays are taken. This is a very important critical step which allows us to communicate with the lab to determine choice of material.

4. Diagnostic models will be fabricated by taking impressions of your teeth. We will utilize the models to carefully and precisely sculpt your teeth to the required design . This model will be used to fabricate the diagnostic mock up which will be used for the next step which is the snap on smile.

5. Snap on smile: After carefully and precisely sculpting your teeth to the required design on the mock up model, prototypes are made and fitted. These are an exact replica of your smile model. This is your new smile in temporary form and allows you to see your proposed smile almost immediately. At this stage, pictures will be taken and any necessary changes or adjustments will be made to the temporaries before the final restorations are fitted. With your approval and satisfaction final restoration will be processed.