Multiple Tooth Replacement

When multiple teeth are missing, treatment options for replacement include dental implant-supported crowns and bridges, “long span” bridges supported by natural teeth, and removable partial dentures. Implant-supported teeth are the treatment of choice, and have become the standard of care in dentistry today. “Long span” bridges supported by natural teeth generally fail over time due to the forces of chewing. Decay or fracture of the supporting teeth is common, and may result in loss of the teeth. The natural teeth have to be ground down in order for the bridge to be cemented in place. Oftentimes, the nerves of the teeth die and root canal treatment becomes necessary.

With removable partial dentures, clasps are hooked onto the supporting natural teeth. Over time, the pressure of chewing rocks these teeth and can lead to bone loss and extraction. Fortunately, implant-supported crowns and bridges are “self-contained” and do not damage the adjacent natural teeth in any way. The implant teeth will look and feel just like natural teeth, and are the most conservative, predictable and long-lasting treatment option.

If you are unfortunate enough to have lost all of your teeth you can have 4-6 implants joined together in each jaw to produce a very strong replacement, enabling you to smile and eat again with confidence.