Single Tooth Replacement

A dental implant-supported crown is the most ideal treatment for replacement of a single missing tooth and has become the standard of care in dentistry today. The following animation shows the replacement of a single tooth with an implant.


Click to view an animation of the implant process


Although a single tooth may be replaced with a traditional tooth-supported bridge, it is a less desirable treatment option. With a bridge, the natural supporting teeth have to be ground down in order to fit the cemented bridge in place. The nerves of the teeth may die and root canal treatment will become necessary. The natural teeth may also decay which could lead to loss of the bridge and the natural teeth.

Fortunately, single implant teeth are “self contained”, and do not affect the adjacent natural teeth in any way. The single implant tooth will look and feel just like a natural tooth, and is the most conservative, predictable and long lasting solution.

Advantages of single implant-supported crowns include:
  • Implant teeth do not decay
  • Implant teeth do not require root canals
  • Adjacent natural teeth are not ground down
  • Implant teeth look, feel and function just like a natural tooth
  • Implant teeth have a greater than 95% success rate
  • Implant teeth are the most conservative and predictable long term solution
  • Implant teeth preserve jawbone
  • Single implant teeth are easier to clean than natural tooth bridges