Before there were Dental Implants…

The most traditional way to solve the problem of missing teeth was to use dentures. In the distant past, dentures have been made from ivory, bone, and porcelain. Although modern plastics allow us to provide dentures that are a little more comfortable, many patients still complain from denture pain, especially those patients with a full set of lower dentures.



Dentures                                                                      Bridges


Other considerations make dentures a poor solution to missing teeth. Modern technology allows for an accurate fitting of dentures for each individual’s mouth. Even with such advances, there is still a problem of denture slippage and discomfort.

The other method of solving the problem of missing teeth is a fixed dental bridge. A fixed dental bridge is a non-removable prosthesis attached to remaining natural teeth.

The false tooth or teeth literally bridge the gap between natural teeth. For a long time, fixed bridges were the best alternative for people who had lost teeth, as they were quite successful and esthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, bridges can also present some problems because the natural teeth that lie on either side of the bridge are filed to accept the appliance. This step in the bridge-making procedure may make these teeth prone to bacterial plaque accumulations, decay, periodontal disease, and the possible need for future root canals.

Implants… A Better Solution

Dental Implants are the modern day solution to missing teeth. If you are missing teeth, you want a solution that is as close to your natural teeth as possible. That is why dental implants are the best alternative to dentures.

Dental implants are very strong because of the method of placement. There is no problem with slippage, which means that you can eat and speak with comfort and confidence.

Looking at a smile with dental implants is like looking at a smile with natural teeth