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Welcome to Westside Dental

Dental care cannot be entrusted to just any dental practitioner.  Dr. Jorge Alvarez of Westside Dental has the experience and knowledge to handle any of your dental needs in friendly and efficient environment.  Our offices are equipped with only the most cutting edge technology as well.  We pride ourselves on personalized and specialized care with a focus on implant and cosmetic dentistry, including complete smile makeovers. Our office is conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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Westside Dental is dedicated to serving all of your dental needs.  We offer a broad range of dental services such as Implant solutions, Cosmetic Dentistry as well as complete Smile Makeovers.  Schedule an appointment today.



Testimonial by Sandy

Sandy has been a patient of Dr. Alvarez for many years. She has worked as a regional dental group administrator and is especially qualified to attest to the skill and knowledge of Dr. Alvarez.

Testimonial by Mark

Mark has been a patient of Dr. Alvarez for many years. He was particularly taken by Dr. Alvarez’s easy-going nature, helping to ease his anxiety going into his procedure.

Testimonial by Chris

Chris has been a patient of Dr. Alvarez for many years. Chris is especially appreciative of the warm specialized care he has received by Dr. Alvarez and his staff at Westside Dental.

  • There are 3 types of dentists... There are dentists, there are good dentists, and there are artists. Dr. Alvarez is an artist. You don't even feel his hands in your mouth.–Mark Woods

  • Dr. Alvarez is probably one of the most clinically best dentists I've ever seen. His work is excellent! He's also very kind and gentle. It's just a relaxing place to go, he puts you at ease.–Sandy

  • The office and the staff are very warm, very boutique-like, very specialized in care. I feel very comfortable coming here. My teeth have been maintenance free.–Chris